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MidSouth eHealth Alliance

The MidSouth eHealth Alliance is a non-profit organization supporting a health information exchange in Memphis Tennessee funded by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and the State of Tennessee.

Members (October, 2008)

Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp. (4 facilities)
Christ Community Health (4 primary care clinics)
Methodist Healthcare (7 facilities including Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center)
The Regional Medical Center (The MED)
Saint Francis Hospital & St. Francis Bartlett (Tenet Healthcare)
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Shelby County/Health Loop Clinics (11 primary care clinics)
UT Medical Group (300+ clinicians)
Memphis Managed Care/TLC (MCO)

Facts (October, 2008)

The system presents data obtained near real-time from participating organizations. Each organization provides what it can in formats it traditionally uses. The Exchange tags data and presents results from across participating organizations in a consistent format.

Using two-factor authentication and restricting use through a number of safeguards, the Exchange makes available the following data in approved settings:
  • 3.9 million encounter records on approximately 1 million individuals
  • 966,000 have at least ICD-9
  • 930,000 have other clinical data
  • Costs to participants less that $50,000 per hospital
  • Overall annual operating cost – under $3 million
  • lab results: 2.4 million per month
  • encounter data: 140,000 per month
  • Chest x-rays: 35,000 per month
  • ICD-9 admission codes: 34,000 per month
  • Microbiology reports: 26,000 per month


Operational and administrative costs  are at present under $50,000 per participating institution
The total annual operating budget is under $3 million


Patients can opt out at the institutional level. All use and operations are governed by standing working groups and binding legal agreements based on the Markle Foundation's Connecting for Health Framework.


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